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March 1st, 2012

Poached Eggs

Poached Eggs

Poached eggs. Not exactly rocket science one would think. But they have stymied me for a long time. I have tried putting vinegar in the water, making a whirlpool, all sorts of tips and hints. But I would invariably end up with an eggy, watery mess.

Until now. And I owe it all to Heston. In the most recent series by the slightly crazy ad very adventurous Heston Blumenthal, he covers one ingredient per show. And he did one on eggs. And he showed all us hopeless egg poachers, exactly how to do it so it will work. Every time.

Rule 1. Use fresh eggs, as they are less watery so the white will hold together.
Rule 2. Have the water hot, at 80 deg C, not boiling furiously, not even simmering, 80 deg.
Rule 3. Place a plate upside-down  at the bottom of the pot to protect the eggs from the direct heat of the pan.
Rule 4. Crack the eggs into a slotted spoon before putting in the water, to allow any the watery egg white to drain away.

It worked. It was amazing. Heston’s poached eggs, combined with leftover spinach, some soft, warm rolls, and Delia’s Hollandaise sauce, oh its the breakfast of kings. Mmmmmmm