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Published on April 8th, 2011
by Clarabella

Friends, and Strawberry Sorbet

Today, I’ve been thinking about friends, a lot. Not the TV series, but personal friends. I am not someone who has ever had loads of friends. I remember one day in high school, when the teacher was off, my class spent the lesson on the steps of the pool. All around me kids were laughing and chatting and being normal, and I sat there feeling alone. I even remember writing it down. How its possible to be surrounded by people, but still be completely alone. In fact, I generally spend my life feeling like I am an alien from another planet and therefore speak a different language and am on a completely different wavelength to the rest of the world. Occasionally I meet someone who must be from the same planet because I find that I can communicate with them, they don’t find me weird, and we get along. But that doesn’t happen often.

Maybe that is whay I have resported to talking to the black hole of the itnernet through this blog. If anyone is reading this, and if you don’t think I’m weird, then thank you. You’re great.

Hmm, I have digressed from the point here. That happens a lot. Be patient with me. I was thinking about friends because one of my friends just left the UK. She has gone back to the US before going to Dubai which is where she and her husband are relocating to. My other girl-type-friend (yes THE other, as in 1, not ANOTHER as in there are more than 2. There aren’t. Thats pathetic)  is also moving to Dubai soon as her husband is also going to work for Emirates. What’s so good about Dubai and Emirates? I don’t know. But my 2 friends leaving had made me think about friends today. How do you get friends if you are new to a city, a country, and you are not naturally outgoing?

I had friends when I was in school (many, many years ago. Like at least 12-14 years). Not loads, but some. I was quiet and shy and I remember that in 1 of my classes, none of my friends got that same class, so I went a whole school year without talking to anyone in that class. Lame huh. If I think about it now it seems silly, but I am still pretty shy and don’t have a natural affinity for ‘chatting’. I just don’t have that skill. (Where can I get it? It would be useful to have.). One thing I can chat about though is baking and cooking and food. Hence this blog. So I’ll stop with random ramble and get back to the topic. Food. Or strawberry sorbet to be specific.

I had an excess of strawberries in the house the other day after an over zealous shopping trip for smoothie ingredients, so I decided to make sorbet. I’d had the ice cream bowl for my Kitchenaid in the freezer for a few days already so it was ready and waiting for some thing tasty to be slung in it for it to churn and freeze and make delicious.


Sorbet is really silly easy if you have an ice cream maker or the ice cream bowl for your Kitchenaid. You don’t need to make any cooked custardy type parts like you do with ice cream. Its just soak, blend, strain and throw it in. Simples.

I added some lime and some white rum to the mix, and it just made me think Daquiri. So I guess its really a strawberry daquiri, frozen. is that awesome or what?



 Strawberry Daquiri Sorbet

What you will need:
2 pounds/1kg strawberries
1 1/4 – 1 3/4 cups sugar (to taste)
Juice and zest of 4-6 limes (depending on how limey you like it)
1/3 cup white rum

What to do:
How much sugar you will need is a tricky thing. Some strawberries are sweeter than others, and some people like sweet lime and others more sour lime. I like my lime to be tart and the strawberries to not be jaw-achingly sweet, so I used a bit less than the usual fruit-to-sugar ratio, but feel free to add up to half a cup more if you have a very sweet tooth.

Slice up the strawberries and put in a large bowl. Sprinkle over the sugar as well as the juice of 2 limes. Cover with cling film and leave it to rest for at least an hour. The sugar will pull all of the sweet juice out of the strawberries and leaving them at room temperature gives them better flavour.

After an hour, puree the strawberries and any liquid left in the bottom of the bowl. I had to do this in a few rounds as my blender isn’t large enough to hold the whole lot, or at least not without a large possibility of exploding. when I hit the on button.

Pour the blended strawberries into a sieve set over a large bowl and stir and push the mixture around until all the liquid has passed through into the bowl and all that is left in the sieve is the strawberry seeds and a bit of mush you cannot push thorugh.

Chill the mixture until cold, and then use an ice cream maker or ice cream bowl on your Kitchenaid to churn the liquid into sorbet. When its mostly frozen scoop it into an old ice cream container and freeze until firm.