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May 14th, 2011 by Clarabella

Great Gumbo


Anyone who has ever watched much American TV or American movies has herd of Gumbo. I had heard of Gumbo. But I had never seen it, tasted it, let alone tried to make it, so I was thrilled when this month’s daring cooks challenge was revealed as Gumbo. Our May hostess, Denise, of There’s a Newf in My Soup!, challenged The Daring Cooks to make Gumbo! She provided us with all the recipes we’d need, from creole spices, homemade stock, and Louisiana white rice, to Drew’s Chicken & Smoked Sausage Gumbo and Seafood Gumbo from My New Orleans: The Cookbook, by John Besh.

So, armed with a very long recipe/s I set off to source some chicken and smoked sausage. I went off to the Farm Shop in nearby Alderley Edge for the chicken. I have an opinion on chicken, yes. I don’t like supermarket chicken. In the supermarket most of the chicken is battery farm chicken, and I loathe buying that on principle alone, but also because the poor little chicken breasts of the chickens who have never seen the sunshine and never set foot outside their warehouse are so small, that the supermarkets/suppliers feel the need to inject the tiny chicken breasts with water to plump them up. So on the shelf they look fat and juicy but when you get them home and cook them they shrink ridiculously and end up a quarter of the size that they were when they went into the oven. How its not illegal to do that, when us poor consumers are paying by the weight, I just don’t know. Read the rest of this entry »

April 26th, 2011 by Clarabella

Chorizo Stew & Spanakopita Triangles

You know what its like when you haven’t had the motivation to go to the supermarket for a week, and then you get to a long weekend and there are bank holidays and the sun is shining and you would much rather be picnicking out in the sun than even thinking about broaching the entrance of any shop. Even a painful hobbled attempt at a run is better than contemplating shopping. No. I don’t like shopping at the best of times. I tolerate food shopping as its a means to an end. Don’t even get me started on the ordeal that is clothes shopping. Ugh, I shiver at the mere thought.

So when the cupboards and the fridge and even the freezer are rather bare, and the most appealing things you have in the kitchen are a lovely string of fresh chorizo and a plait of garlic straight from Spain, chorizo stew was an obvious solution. It did feel like it needed an accompaniment, not necessarily related. So out of the freezer came some phyllo pastry (for some reason I have 3 boxes in there – who knows what I was thinking), and from the fridge came feta cheese and spinach and kale. Read the rest of this entry »