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Published on July 22nd, 2012
by Clarabella

Boozy cake, I like it :)

I think that I do work well under pressure. So as long as my plate is not already full to the brim, I don’t mind the occasional last minute order. Especially when its a cool cake for a cool friend. So this led to me doing a Jagermeister bottle cake this week. I do confess that I think I may have been able to do a better job if I’d had more time, but I like how it turned out. I think its pretty cool.

Jager Cake Small

I also worked on  harry Potter Cake this week, which although it looks a little empty without the message, and the photo quality is iPhone 3 poor quality, you get the general idea. I was worried about Harry not looking like Harry, as people and especially faces of specific characters are rather hard to do unless you are a bona-fide artist, but I think all things considered, you can kind of see its meant to be Harry Potter, and I LOVE the scarf. its my favourite bit i think 🙂

Small Harry P

And last but not least, the anniversary cupcakes. Young love, especially only 6 month old young love is just so cute, if not a little gooey. But hey, if you love someone enough to put a condom on a cupcake, thats got to be true love right? I am sure that the couple involved know the story behind the representative image for each month, and as I don;t they are a little lost on me, but I can certainly appreciate the thought behind them, and go “Aaahhh sweet”. Even at a banana condom 😉

Anniversary Cupcakes