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Published on November 4th, 2011
by Clarabella

A Big Responsibility, and a Castle Cake

This week, I have a dog. We have got a dog. Haven’t bought a dog, as he was ‘free to a good home’, but he has been brought home, and now is a member of the household. A permanent fixture. A responsibility. It feels weird. I haven’t been responsible for another living thing, well, ever. And here he is. Living, breathing, eating, farting, doing all the things that a dog does, and at this very moment, I am responsible for him. Just me. Weird. I guess this is a very watered down version of what having a baby feels like.

Its funny. You look at people picking up dog poop, and you think, yuck. Gross. How can they do that. Then you have your own dog, and its just part of the package. YOu just take it in your stride. And how he was when I came home from work today, he was overjoyed to see me. He jumped up and down and looked so excited he could barley contain himself. He then lavishes love on me in every way a dog knows how. That. That unconditional, uncontrolled love, when he’s only known me 7 days, that is why I love dogs. And this one, Toby, in particular.

So, I haven’t baked anything, at home at least, this week. But I have done lots of baking at the bakery, and lots of decorating too. Today – it was the castle cake. Never having made a castle out of cake before, I was not completely sure where to start. So I started at the beginning. Grey. and the rest just flowed really. I was in the ‘zone’. Cake decorators will know what I mean. That place you go, that switch that flicks in your brain when you start decorating. You are focused, and everything around you goes out of focus. All you can see is the cake, and you just start. And you only stop when you are happy that you are done. That the cake is complete. Then you step back, smile, and the rest of the world comes back into focus and you move on to the next one.

I do plan to make something blog-worthy this weekend. At the moment I am torn between Salted Butter Caramels and White Chocolate and Ginger Ice Cream. What should I make??