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Published on November 5th, 2012
by Clarabella

Hell and Heaven, which is which?


What a week. A ‘Hell’ of a week. Teeheehee, I crack me up 🙂 This weekend was Hellrunner. An annual test of the body and mind. A vague 10-12 miles of trail, through puddles, mud and in some parts, neck deep, ice cold water. All in name of fun, and a challenge. Some people think we are crazy. Certifiable even. But even while hating it, we secretly love it. And you never know what you are made of until you push yourself past what you thought were your limits. And try to smile while you do it 🙂

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Cake-wise I had a great day today. Made a cake for a friend of a friend, which was not for the money but for the favour to someone I care about. The birthday girl is from Zimbabwe and I had to do a cake themed for her. I didn’t know what I was going to do design-wise ahead of time really. I just sat down and Google-imaged Zimbabwe and browsed. And thought of African sunsets, and African horizons. And then thought I’d go with that. I have never hand-painted a cake before, and hey. Today was as good a day as any. I;m not as scared as I used to be of trying new things like that. Techniques I have never used before. And I think that confidence is half the struggle. I used to be scared of piping. And piping laced with fear tends to shake and wobble. Painting with no fear, leads to a great cake. Or at least I think its great. I had good fun doing it. Loved doing it even. I think I have an inner artist that enjoys playing with paintbrushes. Brilliant fun 🙂 Bring on the next painted cake 🙂

This week was also the week of the cuptail. Mojito cuptails, complete with umbrellas and straws. Too cute I think 🙂 But don’t try to eat the straw. Its plastic. Sorry.