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Published on May 11th, 2011
by Clarabella

Raspberry Red Velvet Filled Cake Balls

I am enamoured with the concept of the cake ball. I am not ashamed to admit it. I discovered the concept at a little bakery I regularly visit, and since then, my mind has been turning over the possibilities of future creations. How to create, change and improve.

In my list of possible cake ball flavours to attempt is a strawberry and cream cake ball. But this weekend I made a variation of strawberry and cream. Raspberry Red Velvet cake balls filled with cream cheese and a whole raspberry. I bought some red candy melts online last week in my quest to find the perfect cake ball covering, and their bright pinky red colour inspired the berry thoughts. Then I wanted red cake. And instead of dyeing a plain cake red, why not make it interesting and make it red velvet cake. And not plain red velvet cake. Raspberry Red Velvet Cake.

But I could not be content with a plain cake ball either. I have done that already, that is so last week. I want to shake it up. Fill them with something. Cream? How? Its liquid. Freeze it? But liquid might be absorbed by the cake instead of being a creamy surprise when its bit into. Cream Cheese? But thats a bit plain. But then I thought… red velvet cake is often iced with a cream cheese icing, so why not a red velvet cake ball with a cream cheese icing filling. And not just a cream cheese icing filling, that would be boring. A cream cheese icing filling and a whole raspberry. Yes. Thats what I’ll do. Why do things by halves?

So the red velvet cake is half of the red velvet cake recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook. Its baked in a 20cm/8in round tin, and I used all but 100g of it to make the cake balls. Why not leave some aside? Its lovely cake just as it is. It will get eaten. I promise.

The filling is 1 part cream cheese to 2 parts icing sugar. You can vary this depending on your cream cheese consistency and how thick you want your filling. Just make it up as you go along. Thats the fun part 🙂

The coating is the red Candy Melts which I had to kind of spread on to the balls. It was not runny enough to dip in, much to my annoyance, and that smooth, shiny finish I am longing to achieve on a cake ball still eludes me. I know its out there. Ho do I do it?? What do I use?? Suggestions here are welcome. As are suggestions for cake ball flavours. Think outside the usual rum and raisin or strawberry and cream. Think of something you have never heard of before. This would make an awesome daring bakers challenge. How do I get to do that?

The filling fo the cake balls takes patience. Theres no 2 ways about it. I measured out 30g pieces of cake ball mixture, rolled it into a ball, then hollowed the ball out with my fingers and thumbs, working slowly, carefully, trying to get an even thickness all the way around. Then I scooped in a small dollop of cream cheese icing. Don’t let yourself be tempted to overfill. You will want to. You must resist, or you will regret it. The add a small, clean raspberry. Then gently and slowly (always working the cake ball mix with damp hands so it doesn’t stick to you like theres no tomorrow) mould the hole closed and round off the ball.

Cover them with whatever you like. I did the red candy melts, then melted white chocolate piped in zig-zags and then pink sprinkles and pink shiny balls. Then cut one in half with a knife heated in a mug of boiling water (be careful, burns don’t go well with cake balls), and admire your handywork. And if you get this far you will feel some awesome sense of satisfaction. Like, look at those. They are gorgeous. I made those you know. Have one 😉 You know you want to …



2 Responses to “Raspberry Red Velvet Filled Cake Balls”
  1. I have read that you can thin the candy melts with vegetable oil or shortening, 1/2 tsp at a time. No more than 2 tsp per 16oz bag of candy melts.

    These cake balls look good!

    • Thanks for the tip 🙂 I don’t use candy melts any more for cake pops as they are unfeasibly expensive in the UK. Now I just go with real chocolate 🙂